CONNECT – Upskilling of sChools’ teachers to effectively support ONliNe EduCaTion


CONNECT will enhance the potential of teachers and help them to incorporate digital online technology and develop digital pedagogical competences for online education. Moreover, CONNECT will have a positive impact on students and teachers by the following means: improving student engagement, encouraging self-paced learning, affording better access to resources, promoting innovative teaching techniques, enriching teaching practice, promoting teaching career development.



Connect MOOC

Professional Development for Teachers

Innovative teaching techniques | Practical and motivating ideas for classroom | Collaboration between teachers and students



The first CONNECT Transnational Project Meeting

The first CONNECT Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) will take place at Nicosia, Cyprus 08 & 09 June 2022. The TPM will be hosted at the University of Cyprus new library building and consortium partners will discuss and review recent developments, prioritise next steps and formulate a realistic roadmap for the continuation of CONNECT project.