Intellectual Output 3

Online courses – MOOC

Leading Organization: Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” – CTI (EL)


Start date: 1/11/2021
End date: 31/12/2022


Output Description


IO3 deals with online courses design. The online courses will be asynchronous, and their topic will be defined based on the main findings derived from the survey conducted under IO1 and thus the training needs of teachers. Furthermore, the design of the online courses will follow a holistic approach covering both topics concerning the effective exploitation of digital pedagogies as well as digital tools. This is essential as it has been observed that teachers of STEM-related courses (i.e., Mathematics and Physics) commonly lack pedagogical skills. In contrast, teachers of human sciences-related courses (i.e., Language) commonly lack digital skills for online courses. The MOOC will be designed based on the following principles:

  • - Inclusion: inclusive practices should be seen in terms of different types and range of achievement, different gender, as well as different background of learners.
  • - Learner engagement: learners should be engaged and motivated, activities should have a worthwhile educational aim, not just to occupy the learners, be enjoyable, not to produce adverse emotional reactions, improving the learning atmosphere.
  • - Effective learning: promoting learner autonomy; encouraging metacognitive thinking and collaboration, providing authentic learning exhibiting multiple perspectives on a topic.
  • - Coherence, consistency and transparency: objectives, content, activities, and assessment should match to each other. It should be clear to the user what to expect.
  • - Ease of use: being open and accessible, intuitive and not requiring guidance on use, providing appropriate guidance to learners.