Intellectual Output 5

Recommendations for the adoption and exploitation of CONNECT approach



Start date: 1/01/2023
End date: 28/06/2023


Output Description


Through this intellectual output the CONNECT consortium will further explore issues related to project sustainability, exploitation and transferability of its results. This output will develop an exploitation plan that will present preconditions and recommendations for the adoption of CONNECT main outputs, after the project end. The target groups of this guide are policy makers in school education, local and regional school authorities, secondary schools, as well as schools of initial vocational training.


A5.1 Communication and contacts with stakeholders about the exploitation of IO1, IO2, IO3, IO4


All partners will identify and conduct stakeholders or multipliers in their countries to explore the preconditions for the exploitation of the project products. Contacts will be made in person or via telephone, or video calls, following the pattern of a structured interview. A total number of six (6) stakeholders should be reached in each country through this activity. Stakeholders invited will be local and regional school authorities, secondary schools, schools of initial vocational training, and higher education institutes.


A5.2 Exploitation plan / Sustainability


This activity deals with the exploitation plan of CONNECT project. It will formulate a detailed exploitation framework on how the CONNECT outcomes can be exploited by schools at the partners’ national and European level. The exploitation plan will include: (a) identification of stakeholders at local, regional, national and EU level and (b) identification of forums and/or events for reaching effectively potential users and other stakeholders. Additionally, the exploitation plan aims to (a) Mainstreaming – by which means the results of the project come to the attention of stakeholders at the local, national, regional and international level and (b) multiplication – by which means the consortium tries to convince end-users.

IO5 - CONNECT Exploitation plan