Intellectual Output 1

Pedagogical Framework

Leading Organization: Regional Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education of Attika - RDPSEA (EL)


Start date: 1/3/2021
End date: 31/12/2021


Output Description


IO1 aims to develop a pedagogical framework underpinning the online delivery of courses in secondary schools in addition to the in-class activities (blended learning). Moreover, it aims to survey the landscape regarding the delivery of online education in EU schools during the COVID-19 pandemic aiming to define the methodologies used, the digital tools used, the challenges and problems raised from a pedagogical and technological point of view and the mitigation steps taken (if any).

The main innovation of this IO lies on the holistic process adopted for the design of the pedagogical framework. More specific, in order to accommodate the actors and the complexity of the target environment, a multi-ontological perspective will be employed to iteratively develop and refine the pedagogical framework. This multi-ontological perspective includes the following parameters: (a) secondary schools setting among the participating countries (GR, CY, IT and FR), (b) curricular constraints, (c) psychology, cognition & behavior of secondary schools’ students and (d) the different profile of teachers (i.e. those coming from STEM fields vs those coming from Human Sciences). Moreover, the pedagogical framework will be explicitly aligned with engagement and content, as well as with the naturalistic context of teaching with the target age group by taking a multi-actor approach to pedagogical design.

The main target groups of this IO will be teachers of secondary schools. The high transferability of this IO is ensured by the design of the pedagogical framework considering that it will consider the different school settings among EU countries. The work that will be conducted under IO1 includes the following:

A1.1 The European school educational landscape during the COVID-19 crisis.

This activity will study the digital tools used in EU schools for digital learning, especially during the period of COVID-19 crisis. It will also collect the main challenges faced and the problems raised. The survey will be conducted based on Internet research and online survey with at least 120 stakeholders (30 from each country – GR, FR, IT and CY). These stakeholders will be teachers of secondary schools, directors of secondary schools and regional educational authorities. In addition, at least three interviews (online or face to face) with directors of secondary schools will be performed in each country (12 totally). The knowledge gathered in IO1 will be available in a public report which will also serve as starting point / evidence base for the next project IOs and actions.

A1.2 Design of a pedagogical framework


This activity deals with the design of the pedagogical framework underpinning the online delivery of courses in secondary schools in addition to the in-class activities. This framework will define the main principles of the philosophy of online learning and teaching. It will also outline the different learning and assessment strategies that can be adopted during online education considering the schools' settings, the curricular constraints, the psychology, cognition and behaviour of students, as well as the profile of teachers. Focus groups with the participation of project partners as well as associated partners and other stakeholders will be utilized. This activity will also provide the framework for the design of the educational scenarios under IO2.