Intellectual Output 4

Teachers guide

Leading Organization: University of Cyprus (UCY)


Start date: 1/06/2022
End date: 31/01/2023


Output Description


IO4 will provide a comprehensive guide to secondary school teachers for the online delivery of courses (i.e., Mathematics, Physics and Language) in addition to the in-class activities based on CONNECT approach. Secondary school teachers will be addressed through properly designed processes in order to fully understand the pedagogical framework of the project.

A4.1 Preliminary teacher’s guide

The teacher’s guide aims to support teachers to utilize CONNECT approach efficiently. It will integrate best practices defined during project implementation and how they can be exploited in online education among students and teachers. It will collect easy-to-follow document resources, teaching materials, methodologies, and sample educational scenarios. The guide will be produced in English, and its short version will be translated into EL, IT.

IO4 - Preliminary teacher’s guide (Full version - English)


A4.2 Implementation of pilots

This activity deals with the piloting of CONNECT approach based on the designed pedagogical framework and educational scenarios aiming to validate their effectiveness. Teachers from EU secondary schools of the participating countries will first attend the MOOCs developed under IO3 for a period of three (3) months and the face to face training in Athens and then will be asked to deliver a part of the curriculum online (and in complement to the in-class activities) for three (3) months, aiming to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed intervention.

A4.3 Evaluation of pilots

This is a critical activity to evaluate the degree at which the desired objectives have been achieved, in terms of obtaining the students specific learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competences), fostering students’ active participation in learning activities and improving the whole educational process. Therefore, each school participating in the pilots will complete a questionnaire before and after its end (pre-pilot and post-pilot evaluation phases). Using these questionnaires, an evaluation report will be produced for each pilot.


A4.4 Final teachers guide

Based on the feedback collected from pilots, the final version of the teacher’s guide will be produced. The guide will be produced in English and its short version will be translated in EL and IT.